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Obiturary from The Times (UK) for David Cesarani

The Times

October 27, 2015
-- Leading British scholar and expert on Jewish history who helped to shape Holocaust education-- In the late 1990s...
Five Reasons We Should Celebrate Albert Einstein

The Guardian

June 12, 2015
-- Five Reasons We Should Celebrate Albert Einstein By Steven Gimbel 1. His science Einstein was, first and foremost, a...
Einstein as a Jew and a Philosopher by Freeman Dyson

New York Review of Books

May 7, 2015
-- Einstein as a Jew and Philosopher by Freeman Dyson Why would anybody want to write another book about Albert Einstein?...
In 2015, with Rembrandt and Rothko, a Message of Hope from the Netherlands

Libération and NRC Handelsblad

March 1, 2015
-- By Annie Cohen-Solal As the city of Amsterdam is about to live under the spell of the 17th century absolute master for...
Hollywood Grabs Rabbi’s ‘David’ Story

LA Jewish Journal

November 13, 2014
-- Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple was pleasantly surprised when the call came that Warner Bros., along with Gulfstream...
Interview with David Wolpe

Jewish Book Council

September 16, 2014
-- Interview: David Wolpe Tuesday, September 16, 2014| by Beth Kissileff Beth Kissileff recently spoke with David Wolpe...